Creating Constable

An exhibition of art from John Constable and Suffolk Landscape artists.

7th May to 25th September 2022


Paintings by John Constable and his Suffolk contemporaries are joined by new contemporary works not previously displayed in the Mansion. Landscapes at Noon, by photographic artists Laurence Harding and Liz Harrington, explores a new way of viewing Constable’s The Hay Wain. The work consists of hand printed cyanotypes on silk and form part of a larger installation that was commissioned in 2021 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of John Constable’s famous painting.

Laurence Harding and Liz Harrington specialise in experimental and historic processes, as well as currently exploring more sustainable photographic working practices. Both artists are particularly interested in the history of place and the environment being an active ‘participant’ in the making of the work. Landscapes at Noon was commissioned by Essex Cultural Diversity Project, supported by Arts Council England, in partnership with the National Trust Flatford.


Wolsey Art Gallery, Soane Street, Ipswich, IP4 2BE


07/05/2022 - 25/09/2022