The Pyre Choir

Harper Woods & The Rough Band

Join Pacitti Company as they adapt and learn local songs and old classics, led by Harper Woods and the Rough Band, that will be sung together in public when the Pyre Parade moves through the streets of Ipswich in Autumn 2019. 

All welcome, all ages, all abilities, no experience required, shouting at the loud bits encouraged.

About Harper Woods

Lindsey has worked with local and international Theatre companies as an actor, musician and freelancer. For the past year she has sung in the role of June Carter in a Johnny Cash Tribute band, Jax&Co. She has also been working on the anti-musical Dragon, as part of Fizz&Chips Theatre, of which she is a founding member. 

About the Pyre Parade

On the opening night of SPILL Festival 2018, a Pyre Parade effigy was revealed at Ipswich Waterfront before being placed in La Tour Cycle Café. For 10 days people were able to take a private moment and write down bad news, before posting it inside the effigy. Bad debts, health worries, a sour relationship, or colouring in where they went over the edges – whatever the badness, people could feed the beast.

The Parade then marched the effigy noisily from Ipswich Waterfront to Christchurch Park, accompanied by mystical performers and a marching band, before engulfing the effigy in flames. The Pyre Parade is returning in 2019.

Wednesday 11th September, 6-7:30pm

FREE drop-in


Pacitti Company, The Think Tank, High Street, Ipswich, IP1 3QH


Pacitti Company