A Little Space

(Photo credit: Chris Payne) 

A Gecko and Mind the Gap co-production 

What does it mean to you to have a little space? 
A little space where we can escape the world and be ourselves. Where we can say whatever we want, do whatever we feel and where no-one will ever bother us. 
But it can be an unpredictable space too, where voices are funnelled away, fears leak through the floorboards, songs light up the room and you never know who’s listening behind the door. 
A place where whispers come to life and one kind gesture could change everything. 

A little space has been commissioned by HOME, Manchester and The Place, London.

Following on from the international success of The Dreamer (2016), Gecko’s second Associate Show, A Little Space combines their unique blend of theatre, choreography and stunning imagery with incredible performers from Mind the Gap, one of Europe’s leading learning disability theatre companies. 

Mind the Gap’s Charli Ward and Karen Bartholomew team up with Gecko Devising Performer Dan Watson, Associate Directors Rich Rusk and Helen Baggett, Designer Rhys Jarman, Lighting Designer Chris Swain and Composer Dave Price, who, between them have worked on all of Gecko’s hit shows since 2001, to create this intricately crafted performance.


New Wolsey Theatre, Civic Drive, Ipswich, IP1 2AS


10/03/2020 - 11/03/2020