What to do as a student back in Ipswich for the summer

POSTED ON: 05/06/2019

After growing up between Ipswich and the south of France, at the age of 18 I made the decision to move to the United States for university. I live there for most of the year however, I always come home for the summer. As a 20 year old, I’m always looking for something to do, I like to stay busy and have fun. Ipswich, although it is home and I would be coming back here anyway, it’s the perfect place for me to come and have a fun, enjoyable summer with family and friends. The town centre is always lively and busy with people of all ages which gives it a very family friendly feel. 

The additions to The Cornhill have really made that area more accessible and fun for families, especially with younger children. As someone who often works out, the addition of PureGym to the Buttermarket is brilliant for myself and I’m sure for many others! If you work in town, or live close by it is so easy to get to on foot and with the Buttermarket car park it’s just as easy for drivers too! It’s open 24 hours and really is a lovely workout space, for such great prices! On the top floor there is also Empire Cinema which always has the latest movies and Superbowl UK which offers a variety of fun activities including Ninja Tag and bowling! And with Creams just next door, you can make a whole day out of just that floor!

With the great range of such wonderful family friendly pubs all around, I am able to go out and socialise with friends and family so easily! There are also so many great places to go on the Waterfront, it is such a lovely area for food or a drink on a nice day and to just enjoy the weather and looking out to the water and the boats. Ipswich is a place that I love to call home and I am proud to tell my friends about and bring them back to. It is ideal for someone of my age. With so many different things to offer and all of them being so easily accessible at all times, I never find myself bored or wondering what to do! 

So students, come back and look forward to an enjoyable summer!


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