Suffolk Food Hall unveil brand new Puzzle Room

POSTED ON: 13/04/2018

A unique Red Box Mystery puzzle booth is unveiled at the Suffolk Food Hall, possibly the first in the Europe!

Brainchild of Steve Blake, self-styled puzzle grandmaster and global authority on room escape challenges, the Red Box Mystery is certainly unique to Suffolk, probably to the UK and maybe even Europe! 

Mr Blake has designed an automated booth that will present teams with a series of challenges and the very first installation is at Suffolk Food Hall. Having travelled across the world researching and advising on mystery games, Mr Blake is confident of this
distinctive venture. It follows the success of Suffolk’s first permanent escape room, The Gamekeeper’s Bothy at the Suffolk Food Hall just south of Ipswich; the Red Box Mystery puzzle booth is a brand new, exclusive take on the ever popular escape room experience.

Situated in the Cookhouse building, the striking red booth is an entirely automated system of puzzles for groups of two to four, to be completed in less than 30 minutes. Unlike conventional puzzle rooms, there are six episodes to complete in order to solve ‘The Great Grail Quest’. Mr Blake explains “each episode is progressively more difficult, and must be completed to progress. There are plans afoot for more stories, so those keen on the phenomenon of puzzle rooms, have the opportunity to test themselves on a regular basis in shorter time frames”.

Russ Haddow from the Suffolk Food Hall adds “The Great Grail Quest sees players rely on ‘the brain’, the control hub of the booth, as the only source of information.” A working relationship at the turn of the 20th century between the inventor Colonel Wynchcombe and physicist Nikola Tesla resulted in the creation of a working time machine. This machine was destroyed by the US military, however developments suggest a set of blueprints for that very machine were copied and hidden somewhere in our present; the mission is to find them.

For further information please visit or to book the first episode of The Great Grail Quest please contact Steve Blake, or call 07709 636802. Find out more at


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