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POSTED ON: 29/08/2018

Suffolk New College – Leisure Learning 2018

Making new friends, starting a new hobby, or enabling people to change career are just some of the reasons as to why a leisure learning programme is expanding at Suffolk New College in Ipswich. Here we find out more:

Suffolk New College in Ipswich has launched a new set of leisure courses.

The first actual course is run in association with Ipswich Borough Council and the two day programme will give attendees an insight into how you become a Professional Taxi Driver.

Then, starting in September (and running throughout the rest of the year), other courses will range from Drawing to Dressmaking and Plastering to Painting.

Courses tend to bring like-minded people together from very different backgrounds.

They end up feeling a sense of unity that happens thanks to a shared love of a subject.

For example, on a Fabrication and Welding class in 2018, members of the group included a retired airline pilot, a teacher who was on the course to gain the skills he needs to go on the TV show Robot Wars, a charity boss and a hospital director.

The retired airline pilot (Alex Green from Long Melford) – studied on the course to enable him to indulge his passion for restoring cars. On his experience, he said, “You learn from your classmates and that really eggs you on.

Others on this course – like Belinda Twinn who works for the charity HEADWAY, signed up to help overcome the stresses of day to day life. She said, “I manage 47 staff and every day is busy. With this (welding), it’s just you and your cubicle. You concentrate on the work and there is a sense of achievement – I find it relaxing.”

She added, “I’m doing this with my friend. Our jobs are very demanding so we both need something that will take our minds away from the constant rolling to do list.”

If Fabrication and Welding isn’t your thing, lots of other course options are on offer.

Wannabe J.K. Rowlings can perfect their potential number one bestsellers on either a ‘Creative Writing’ or ‘A Writing for Pleasure or Profit’ course.

Budding travellers and promising linguists who want to get by conversationally for work purposes, can pick up basic skills in a host of different languages that will allow them to strike up a conversation with locals in France, Italy, Japan, Poland or Spain.

Two specialised new courses for 2018/2019 include a Basic Vehicle Maintenance Course can keep you one-step ahead of your car, and two steps away from the expense of taking your vehicle to a mechanic for an expensive check over.

The other new specialism is a carefully designed eight week Gym Programme That Supports Children and Adults With Autism.

The ever popular Life Drawing and art classes return this year allowing bedroom Banksies the chance of fine tuning their creativity.

Keen eyed photo experts can hone their skills during our ongoing Digital Photography courses. And superstar DJ’s can be assured that it won’t go Pete Tong when they prepare to impress all comers at the weekend as they can learn about techniques and performance on a course for disc jockey enthusiasts.

Other options currently include Brickwork, Plumbing, Printmaking, Sign Language and Textiles as well as a suite of Cooking Masterclasses.

Nadia Cenci from Suffolk New College has helped design the programme. She said, “We relaunched leisure learning back in 2016 and we are consistently surprised by the enthusiasm that the launch of our new programme generates.

“I think part of the draw is that classes are always filled with a diverse mix of people of all ages and backgrounds who are keen to get skills that will take their lives in a new direction.

“The classes help people make new friends and they are designed to not just be educational, but to allow people to relax and have fun.

“We have also found that more and more people buy a course for a family member or friend. This is a gift that goes way beyond your normal present as by doing this you are giving someone a new skill for life.”

“All in all, the programmes are designed to offer an exceptional experience for everyone who gets involved,” she added.

For more details about this range of courses,that will expand and evolve during the year, you can visit the Suffolk New College website: www.suffolk.ac.uk/leisurelearning

Call  01473 382425
Email  leisurelearning@suffolk.ac.uk


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