9 Best Ipswich Gardens To Chill-out In

POSTED ON: 02/05/2018

Sometimes it's nice to escape the hustle and bustle of the town centre and just take a moment to breath and relax. 

Ipswich is lucky to have some beautiful parks right in the heart of the town, like Christchurch Park and Holywells Park, but there are also some hidden sanctuaries in the town centre that a wonderful place for some timeout. 

Here are 10 of our favourite gardens in and around Ipswich that are perfect for some chill-out time...

1. Christchurch Mansion Garden

Behind Christchurch Mansion, Christchurch Park
At the back of Christchurch Mansion and besides the Wolsey Art Gallery, this romantic garden is filled with French and English lavender giving a calming sweetness in the summer months. The contemporary sculpture in the centre and the Mansion in the background make this little garden feel quite fantastical. 
Visit Christchurch Mansion and the Wolsey Art Gallery.

2. Courtyard Gardens, The Saints

Various shops and cafes, St Peters and St Nicholas Street
Some of the shops, cafes and restaurants along St Peters and St Nicholas Street have beautiful little courtyard gardens at the back, including this serene garden behind Applaud Coffee Shop; a wonderful spot for breakfast or light lunch. Visit Cake & Catwalk, LoveOne and K Bar who each have a wonderful garden too!
Find out more about The Saints.

3. Flower Garden, Jimmy's Farm

Jimmy's Farm, Pannington Hall Lane
One of the most popular attractions in Suffolk; Jimmy's Farm is perfect for everything occasion from a family day out to a romantic date night. Along with the farm, restaurant and farm shops, Jimmy's Farm is also home to a colourful flower garden and working vegetable garden; great inspiration if you're looking to redo your own garden!
Find our more about Jimmy's Farm.

4. Holywells Park Garden and Gonservatory

Holywells Park, Cliff Lane
Holywells Park is a beautiful open space just a 5 minute walk from the University with a spectacular Victorian conservatory, a walled garden, a quirky cafe and plenty of green open space and mature trees. Keep an eye out for open air theatre events throughout the year.
Discover more about Holywells Park.

5. Secret courtyard garden, St Stephens Lane

Opposite Revolution, St Stephens Lane
Tucked behind Sainsbury's (Upper Brook Street) and to the left of the Handy Shop newsagents, this sweet little garden feels like a jump down the rabbit hole; filled with potted plants, ferns and ornaments against the Tudor buildings.

6. Rooftop Garden, Willis Building

Willis Building, Friars Street
The Willis Building is an iconic landmark in Ipswich; one of Sir Norman Foster's earliest projects and the youngest Grade 1 listed building in Britain. But did you know the roof is actually a garden? The garden offers amazing views across the town but unfortunately is only open to staff; look out Heritage Open days when they often run tours of the rooftop garden.
Read more about the Willis Building.

7. The Wellness Garden, Quay Place

Quay Place, Key Street
A wonderful space at Quay Place Wellness Centre where old meets new. The Wellness Garden is a calming space that is often used for meditation sessions with Suffolk Mind and it's free to pop in to use; pop in for catch-up for a friend or to simply unwind with some me-time.
Find out more about Quay Place.

8. The Greyhound Beer Garden

The Greyhound, Henley Road
Winner of Adnams 'Pub of the Year' and one of the most popular pubs in Ipswich; a favourite with ITFC fans! If the delicious food, friendly staff and cost atmosphere aren't enough, The Greyhound has a great beer garden courtyard that the team regularly have barbecues and summer-dos to enjoy.
Find out more about The Greyhound.

9. Arboretum Garden, Christchurch Park

Christchurch Park
A peaceful part of Christchurch Park between the war memorial and the tennis courts; the Arboretum Gardens are an interesting mix of Mediterranean shrubs and palms with soft grasses and magnolias. Wander along the smooth winding path and listen to the ducks and birds on the ponds; a peaceful area of the park that is a delight all year round.
Visit Christchurch Park.

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