The Salthouse's Chocolate Brownie

POSTED ON: 18/09/2017

A scrumptious brownie recipe from Salthouse Harbour Hotel's Head Chef.

Ingredients for twelve portions:

300G unsalted butter
660G caster sugar 
5 medium free range eggs
140g dark cocoa powder
150g white chocolate (finely chopped or pistols/chips)
40g plain flour

This is a recipe I’ve had for years, it’s one of my favourites. One of those that when you realise just what’s in it in what quantities you feel a bit indulgent eating some. It’s more-ish too, so it won’t simply be some. It will be lots. Which is fine – we all go to the gym/need treating every now and then, right? Why not eat it with ice cream whilst you’re at it? Shame not to!

You will need a large bowl and a wooden spoon – this can make a big mess if you’re not careful (I am speaking from experience)! You will also require a medium-sized baking tray lined with greaseproof paper. And a pre-heated oven on 160°C, this will require cookin

Entirely melt the butter, either in a microwave or a pan. Do not allow it to colour otherwise this will render it useless.

Mix the butter with the sugar to a paste.

Add the eggs one-by-one.

Add the white chocolate.

Sift in the cocoa powder and flower

Cook for 20mins, the idea is that there is a firm top or ‘crust’ and a gooey underneath, the brownie should have a slight wobble.

Allow to cool completely on a rack, this will need a good 4-5 hours at room temperature before you remove it from the tray.


Chris McQuitty Head Chef at Salthouse Harbour Hotel


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