The benefits of yoga and pilates

POSTED ON: 22/05/2017

The benefits of yoga and pilates
By Rod Ball BWY dip, Level 4 Certificate in further Education Teaching
Holisitic Yoga Centre

The benefits of Pilates:
Often recommended by health professionals for rehabilitation, Mat based Pilates is considered as a low impact exercise as it doesn’t involved any running or jumping and is therefore suitable for those with injured joints. 
The exercises themselves, when practised properly, improve core stability, all round strength and control, balance and stability and postural alignment. 

The benefits of Yoga:
There are many different styles of Yoga these days, so some research is needed when choosing a class. My advice would be to try many classes until you find one suitable for your own personal needs.
In a nutshell Classic Yoga will benefit you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. 
Mental and emotional benefits include improved mood, stress relief, improved mental functions, self- confidence and the ability to remain relatively cool, calm and collected in most situations.
Physical benefits include Pain reduction, improved breathing, blood circulation, strength and flexibility as well as improving certain bodily functions such as digestion and elimination.
With both Pilates and Yoga the exercises in Pilates, and postures in Yoga, can be modified to suit individual needs making them both suitable for anyone with limited mobility and Yoga can even be practiced in chairs as long as they are strong and sturdy.
To gain the full benefit of Pilates and Yoga we practice with mindfulness, co-ordinating the movements with the breath improving mind-body communication otherwise we will be practicing mindless exercises. 

When making enquiries about both Pilates and Yoga don’t forget to ask your Teacher about their qualifications and experience.

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