Staying Active - Top 5 Benefits For Children & Teens

POSTED ON: 22/05/2017

At Inspire Suffolk, we know a thing or two about sports. Our sports team deliver high-quality coaching day in day out at local primary schools, weekly multi-sports sessions and disability sports sessions to name a few.

This means we see first-hand the benefits that sport can have on young people. Here’s are run-down of the top benefits staying active can have on children and teenagers.

1. Making friends

Young people can be brought together through similar interests in sport. Playing sport creates a safe environment to develop social skills including leadership, teamwork and communication skills. As well as socialising with children of their own age, it also provides a great opportunity to interact with older figures including coaches and sports officials!

2. Concentration

It has been proven that daily exercise, even walking, can improve concentration, behaviour, attainment and obesity levels. The Ipswich Star’s Daily Mile scheme is a great initiative, which we are well behind in our partner schools, encouraging children to walk, jog or run a mile a day. It is simple but effective and it can improve not only fitness, but concentration levels, mood and behaviour making children more responsive in lessons. Read more.

3. Teamwork

With a lot of sports, you are required to work as a team and you cannot succeed unless you work together. Working well as a team requires children to appreciate each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work out a strategy together to reach their goals, which is really fulfilling when everyone works as a team!

4. Confidence and self-esteem

Many studies have stated that taking part in sport can increase both confidence and self-esteem by creating a sense of belonging. As well as this, children receive praise and encouragement during sports which builds confidence. This inevitably makes them believe in their abilities and allows them to push themselves, without focussing on winning or losing.

5. Fitness levels

Taking part in regular exercise is a real benefit on young people’s fitness levels leading to an overall healthier lifestyle whilst gaining confidence through regular interaction with others.

We have seen through our free sports sessions in Ipswich, 83% of children who attended would have otherwise been inactive. This is exactly why we provide a range of sports activities, to inspire, motivate and educate young people to get involved with sports and stay active – and it’s a no brainer with all these benefits!

Jordan Kemp, Head of Sports Programmes says:

“Our aim at Inspire Suffolk is to get kids active, inspired and involved in activities that they may not otherwise have access to. We’re all about encouraging young people to get involved in sports through a range of clubs and sessions that we offer and it is fantastic to see the benefits!”

At Inspire Suffolk, we are a charity aiming to provide activities to motivate and inspire young people. We run a range of sports activities including multi-sport and crafts holiday clubs, girls football and netball, free multi-sports sessions, weekly boys football sessions, disability sports sessions, and sports in primary schools across Suffolk to name a few!

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