Ipswich's I Can Run Club

POSTED ON: 17/05/2017

Ipswich's I Can Run Club

I Can Run club is a safe space for women, regardless of size, age or ability to have the opportunity to run with like-minded women at their own pace.

Our bookable beginners sessions are suitable for absolute beginners - for those who have never exercised (or haven’t done so for many years) to those who just need a confidence boost to get out and know that they can do it.

Based in Ipswich, Debenham and Felixstowe the sessions follow an exclusive run/walk 6 week programme that finish with a shiny medal to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

We are committed to making sure you have a safe, comfortable time with us during this six weeks. We totally understand that getting involved in exercise and fitness can seem totally unachievable to many people and we know how hard it is to get out of the front door sometimes. We’ve all been there too, so we celebrate that sometimes just turning up is half the battle.

We also have a free ‘Tuesday Tribe’ and new, bookable Run+ sessions for more confident runners or run/walkers who meet each week for an organised run or running drill session. Runners at this group may have just finished our beginners programme or they may have run marathons. We make sure that the sessions are achievable with just the right amount of challenge for everyone.

At both these groups we have volunteer run leaders to make you feel welcome and ALWAYS have a tail runner (the most important job) so no-one gets left behind.

Regardless whether you join us or not, we understand that exercise and fitness can evoke a plethora of negative memories and emotions that mean some people never start. We never hear in the media that doing a little bit is just fine. We truly believe that sometimes just doing a little bit of exercise is enough to make you feel great, enough to keep that negative voice at bay, enough to challenge yourself. Walk around the block, run up and down the stairs, get on your bike and go a little way, chase the kids in the garden. Do enough for you. Because at the moment, for some, the only other option is doing nothing. Remember, a little can be just enough. Find out more at icanrunclub.co.uk.

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