Happy Independence Day!

POSTED ON: 04/07/2017

Happy Independence Day!

Over the years England has formed many links with America. As part of Independence Day we thought you might like to know a few facts about the town of Ipswich in Massachusetts, United States...

1. Ipswich, Massachusetts is a coastal town which opens onto Ipswich Bay.

2. The population of Ipswich, MA is 13,175, compared to 133,384 in Ipswich, Suffolk.

3. Ipswich includes the Southern part of Plum Island, known for beach plum shrubs that grow there.

4. It was founded by John Winthrop the Younger in 1633.

5. It is home to one of America’s oldest bridges, The Choate, which is a double stone arched bridge.

6. Ipswich, Massachusetts, got it’s name from Ipswich, Suffolk, in honour and kindness which was given to people which took shipping there.

7. Ipswich is famous for it’s Great Marsh Clams. 

8. Ipswich has more First Period houses (1620 - 1720) than any other town in the Nation.

9. Ipswich has held an annual Art and Craft fair for 46 years to allow local artists to show off their work.

10. Ipswich’s Greek town hall is over 180 years old and is part of the South Green National History District.

To help celebrate this American holiday The Arbor House is hosting an American Week - offering a range of American-themed specials and dishes.


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