Welcome to Ipswich!

POSTED ON: 26/10/2016

Welcome to Ipswich!

Welcome to Ipswich!

Written by Rachel Gilbey (USC President)

The academic term is well underway and I hope by now you are all settled into your course and the essays aren’t piling up just yet! This is the first of (hopefully) a number of monthly blogs from me, written for students by a recent graduate and the current President of the University of Suffolk Students’ Union. I hope that through this blog I can introduce to you events and activities taking place in Ipswich as well as letting you know about student discounts, top tips for surviving student life and advice and guidance on things such as accommodation and finance.


Throughout the coming months, I will introduce you to members of my Executive Committee (students who are currently studying and who have been elected into their roles by students) who will also share with you news, events and tips in the hope that they will enhance your student experience.


For my first post, I would like to briefly introduce to you the University’s Students’ Union, why we exist and what we can do for you. The Students’ Union is situated at the University of Suffolk, on North Campus, in the same building as the Library. We are led by students who directly feedback to us about their experience and help to shape the direction of the Students’ Union each year. It’s our job to make sure that you are having a brilliant University experience whether that is academically or socially. We have a free, impartial, independent and confidential Advice Centre which is available for any student to access, whether that is for advice about finance, accommodation, academic appeals, welfare and more! In addition we host a variety of competitive and non-competitive sport schemes for students and staff as well as societies which are groups of students who share the same interests and get together in the name of something they love! For example, we have a Pirates Society, a Film Society and a LGBT+ Society. Further to this, the Students’ Union represents all students whether that is internally within the University, locally in Ipswich or nationally.


The Students’ Union is directed by two full time Sabbatical Officers (myself and Johnathan) who were elected by students back in March, when we were still studying. It’s our job to be the voice of students. If you ever have any worries, concerns or need advice or support while studying, you can always contact us!


We have a number of social media accounts which you can find and follow below, or feel free to check out our website: http://www.uosunion.org


Rachel Gilbey (President) -

Facebook: /supresidentrachel

Twitter: @UOSunion_Pres


Johnathan Dotchin (Vice President)

Facebook: /JohnathanDotchin

Twitter: @UOSunion_VP

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