A 40 somethings guide to things to do in Ipswich

POSTED ON: 03/11/2016

Fiona Wright 

My Ipswich glass is very definitely half full and my plate pretty much the same... (as you can tell by the things I recommend to do!) 

Here are my top Ipswich do's and don'ts for the 40-somethings visiting Ipswich - in no particular order:

1. Do buy some trainers from our high street and then put them on - because you are going to walk, and walk a lot.
2. Do play the fitbit challenge and smash the steps out the of the park/s (we have a lot of parks) walking round this beautiful place. You are going to need those calories in the bank as there is a lot of eating and drinking to be done.
3. Do not leave without eating flapjack from Applaud cafe, buying some Adnams Ghostship Chutney (and hiding it from your husband before they wolf it all down) and enjoying pub food at The Greyhound
4. Do visit St Peter's Street - pop in to see Cathy at Loveone, Lynn at Cake&Catwalk, John at The House in the Town. These guys epitomise Ipswich for me, they know their stuff, have great personalities and senses of humour and lovely gifts you can buy for yourself, and others if you feel really generous.
5. Do book in for a beauty treatment - and that means you too boys - male grooming is very much on the up and we are nothing if not totally on trend in Ipswich
6. Do drive along the road alongside the river towards the Orwell Bridge (famously featured in this AA ad), park up at Suffolk Food Hall, go for a walk (pick up a map from tourist information) come back and drink latte, eat cake and just wish you could buy your food from here every single day. Local produce of the highest calibre.
7. Do don your wetsuit and swim in the sea with the awesome Felixstowe Swimscapers. A nicer group of people you never did meet. Yes its 12 degrees in there. And??? Cake and coffee and banter afterwards - an absolute treasure. If this is a little too out there for you- then just walk along the prom with your hat and gloves on-  its had huge investment recently and is truly wonderful. Only 15 mins from Ipswich.
8. Don't forget to eat fish and chips at Aldeburgh before heading back to Ipswich and one of the Wolsey's many brilliant theatrical thingys. Always outstanding. 
9. Don't drink a Long Island Iced Tea before going to the Theatre as snoring is not something to be encouraged but definitely do so after - Aqua8 completely nail this cocktail and make a pretty mean mojito too if you're interested....
10. Do kick the leaves in Christchurch Park or one of the many other outstanding parks Ipswich has available, for free,  for your delectation and delight. I walk through this park every morning and it never ceases to make me smile. It is always bustling with dog walkers, parents and children and just people sitting on the benches and chewing the cud. free. Highly recommended, especially on a sunny but chilly morning. The light through the trees. slightly misty. Browns, golds, yellows, greens, reds.
11. Do look up. Our architecture is not just at ground level but the details above the ground. We know you probably know but Thomas Wolsey lived here once and some of his stomping grounds are still around.  
12. Don't just look at the river and drink coffee. Get on a boat and explore the river that way. We have plenty of boat trips for all budgets. 
Most importantly? Do come back, there is so much more than this to do but we can't tell you it all in one go can we?

Look forward to seeing you! 

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